We Publish Your Materials & You Receive Generous Royalties


We take care of the publishing process, printing, and marketing costs and hold the copyright. You collect a percentage on sales.


  • Beyond writing, your upfront costs are minimal.
  • You have access to our network of educators that help curate content.
  • Your copy is professionally edited.
  • Our designers, artists, and educators configure covers and interior pages to present the content in a professional manner.
  • Our ability to attract decision-makers will help increase sales.

Publishing as an Equal Partner


Your content expertise and our contacts help you disseminate and sell your pedagogical materials. We share the publishing costs and the profits from sales on an equal basis, and the copyright is shared equally.


  • We perform a business analysis to determine potential revenues and expenses.
  • You have access to our network of educators that help curate and create content.
  • Our knowledge and access to the education marketplace opens doors to potential sales.

You Self-Publish


You keep the intellectual rights and pay us a la carte fees depending on the services you need.


  • Your books look professionally produced instead of generated from your personal computer.
  • We could procure the elements of your books that will allow you to sell on marketplaces such as Alibaba and Amazon.
  • Your cost of ISBNs and barcodes is much lower than if you were to procure these elements individually.